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+PUSH Service

Designed for PBX Business Operators

Convenient for IP-PBX
Compatible with Incoming Push Calls on Smartphones

Great Results When Used with Asterisk (SIP/UDP,TCP,TLS)


※2 Currently, the only officially supported application is AGEphone Cloud (iOS/Android).

No Change to Your Existing PBX

The +Push service is a service that allows a virtual phone application to reside on the cloud (installed in a domestic region), and delivers push notifications to pre-registered smartphones each time the virtual application receives an incoming call.

Supports PUSH Incoming Calls

Since smartphones are required to save power, it is necessary to devise ways to not consume power when sending incoming notifications to smartphone apps in standby mode. This is achieved by the mechanism called PUSH notification, which is provided in the OS of smartphones. In order to use this mechanism, it was necessary for the PBX side to send incoming notifications to the smartphone, and it was necessary to modify the PBX side. However, by using this service, there is no need to modify the PBX side (1).


The service will be provided by a monthly billing model with a price plan set for each SMALL, STANDARD, LARGE, and XLARGE plan depending on the number of simultaneous connections (number of virtual phone applications). Currently, it is a plan that you use for each PBX. In the future, we plan to offer a multi-tenant version that supports multiple PBXs with one contract. For detailed conditions, please contact us below.

※1 Asterisk is used for the PBX currently being tested for operation. Please inquire about support for other products.

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