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For commercial use such as telework, please see the AGEphone special site for companies.

AGEphone Cloud

Introduced on TOKYO MX TV's information program "Eejanaika Biz".


Official recommended application for NTT West and NTT East


AGEphone can be connected to the home gateway of Hikari Denwa devices compatible with FLET'S Hikari Next provided by NTT West and NTT East.

​By connecting to the home gateway, you can use it as a handset of IEDEN.

The AGEphone series has passed the connection verification test conducted by NTT West Japan in March 2011 to support Hikari Denwa.

"FLET'S Hikari Next" and "Hikari Denwa" are trademarks of NTT West and NTT East.

スマホdeひかり電話 AGEphone

Windows and MacOS versions now available! !


Please read the precautions and restrictions before use.

VoIP communication (voice over internet protocol communication) may be restricted by your provider. Some service providers may restrict VoIP communication (voice over internet protocol communication). It is recommended that you check with your service provider before using this product. This product is not for commercial use. Please use AGEphone Business or AGEphone Cloud for commercial use. The on-hold function of this product does not work if RFC2327 or RFC3264 is not supported. DTMF is also supported, but may not work properly if the DTMF type is different. Please be careful not to forget to disconnect after you finish using Hikari Denwa from your smartphone. A third party may be able to intercept radio waves that reach over walls and other obstacles. Please make security settings at your own risk and discretion. Please note that we are not responsible for any malfunctions or problems caused by downloading, setting, or operating the application software for using Hikari Denwa with your smartphone. The transfer function is a paid function. The call forwarding function is a paid function. Please make sure that your IP phone service (server) supports the REFER method before purchasing the paid feature. If it does not meet this requirement, it will not work. Ad-free function is a paid feature. The volume of incoming calls may be low. When answering an incoming call, the phone may be silent for a few seconds. When answering an incoming call to the standard phone application during a call, the speaker may switch to the external speaker, but this can be resolved by switching the external speaker on or off. Noise may be heard when answering an incoming call. For other limitations of AGEphone series products, please also refer to this page.

for Windows無償版

for iPhone 無償版

for Android無償版


Confirmed operation

The models for which operation has been confirmed by our company are listed. Models not listed may also work.

iPhone version operation confirmed models (officially supported OS: iOS15.x to iOS16.x) *As of March 22, 2023

Android version operation confirmed models (officially supported OS: Android 9-12) *As of March 22, 2023

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Registered Trademarks or Trademarks

”AGEphone” is a registered trademark of ageet Corporation.
Other product and service names on this site are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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