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Plus Timestamp

Let's stamp

Convenient to add to AGEphone
Cloud Time Recorder

This application can be used by itself without AGEphone.

タイムレコーダー iPhone
タイムカードアプリ iPad
タイムレコーダー iPad

iPhone / iPadOS / macOS

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac with Apple Silicon

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Full reporting functionality

+Timestamp iPad スタンド利用
タイムカードアプリ レポート機能

Real-time cloud integration


+Timestamp Cloud is an advanced imprinting application suitable for both your life and work. It records "when," "who," "where," and "what" in the cloud. This makes it possible to use it in a wide variety of situations, such as attendance management, tracking children going out and coming home, or safety confirmation.


Coming Soon
Free for up to 3 simultaneous users


■Main Features


Integration with iCloud, Slack, and Google Spread Sheet: Information can be shared in real time by combining with various platforms.


Photo: A photo of the user's face can be taken at the time of imprinting, allowing evidence to be left behind. In addition, the system can detect smiles and link to physical condition information.


Physical condition management function: This function supports the safety consideration obligation stipulated in the Labor Contract Law.


Graph output: Visualizes overtime, tardiness, and early dismissal information, allowing users to understand the total results at a glance.


PDF Export: Export attendance records in PDF format.


Calling function: Calling function via IP phone is available in conjunction with AGEphone Cloud.


CSV import/export: Data can be exchanged.


Today's message function: Deliver daily messages in conjunction with external RSS feeds and Google Spread Sheet.


Fine-grained privacy settings: individual privacy settings, such as whether or not to collect photos and location information, can be set.


With all these features, +Timestamp Cloud supports your life and business.

The service is available free of charge for groups of up to 3 people.

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