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Using +Timestamp with Slack


If +Timestamp is installed on this device please click the Connect with +Timestamp button to update the app with your Slack details. Alternatively if you are using +Timestamp on a separate device please scan the QR code with that device.

Scanning The QR Code


Step 1

From the main screen tap the gear icon in the top right.

Step 2

Tap the Settings button

Step 3

Tap the Scan QR Code button scan the code above.


If you wish to change the channel that +Timestamp posts to, from the main screen tap the gear icon and enable Admin Mode. Then go to the app settings, tap on Cloud Settings and input the Slack channel ID you wish to use.

Posting Notifications to Slack

To send a notification to Slack simply tap on the In or Out buttons then hit send. You can customize the message that appears in Slack before sending the notification or from the app's settings.


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