ageet creates and provides various softphone products



Windows / Mac OSX / iPhone / Android

AGEphone is one of our softphones and it is provider free and designed to work with any provider you wish to use.  For example, you can use AGEphone as cordless phone of landline in your home, as IP phone outside your office, as internal phone inside your office.  It will appropriately work with appropriate situations.

AGEphone is implemented to various circumstances, devices and each provider services.  In addition, AGEphone is designed to contain brand-new systems and we implement diligently to latest OS versions of Windows7/8/10Mac OSXiPhone and Android.


   Plus PhoneBook

iPhone / Android

Plus PhoneBook app integrates with our Plus PhoneBook service very well and synchs all your contacts from one secure, online location.
This app and service together is highly recommend for business use or someone who dose not want to store client's details in device's native contact lists.  
Customize contact details, group contacts, share with your colleagues, view your contacts from any devices are easily done.

AGEphone Business

AGEphone Business has been developed especially for the use in corporate environments with a focus on usability and stability. 
It offers call transfer, answering machine, call recording, park-hold, and secure calls by default.
It has been successfully deployed in highly critical environments such as call centers with several thousand seats.