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ageet was established in 1997 in Kyoto

ageet Corporation specializes in innovative IP telephony software solutions for mobile, desktop and web systems. We are an experienced international team of VoIP software development specialists located mostly in Japan, but also in North America and Europe. For more than 20 years, ageet has been developing VoIP software across a variety of platforms from embedded systems over smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and servers. Apart from our softphone brand “AGEphone” (iOS, Android, Windows) and its OEM versions, we also provide custom tailored software solutions to our customers.

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Recruiting information

Avairable job posts:

(Currently we are only seeking for developers and not QA stuff)

1. full time job:  software application development
2. part time job:  quality assurance, accounting, customer support 


1. mothly salary 200,000yen+, (employment insurance, bonus twice a year, raise according to your ability, paid leave, flex time (from second year) )

2. hour salary 900 yen+ (850 yen for first month training period)

Basic Qualifications:

Someone who is motivated, cheerful, able to speak a foreign language other than Japanese, who has multiple smartphones, who is good at designing,

Preferred Qualifications:

1. experience of starting services, experience of develoing software application business, Languages: Swift / Kotlin / Javascript / objective-c / Electron / Git / Docker / Gradle / Fastlane
2. job experience of quality assurance, testing application, customer support, accounting 

Work Location:

Shurishiki-13-98 Teradocho Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture 617-0002 

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